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Julius Csurgo : Stocks in Motion

Stocks In Motion


Petro River Oil Corp. (OTCBB: PTRC) is an independent energy company taking advantage of the downturn in oil prices to enter lucrative projects with industry-leading partners by focusing on the exploration and development of conventional oil and gas assets.

PTRC recently completed a corporate reorganization, which included new management, the acquisition of several promising new assets, and an infusion of cash.  PTRC reduces risk and provides cross-functional exposure to risk adjusted opportunities by diversifying over a number of projects, each with low initial capital expenditures and strong risk reward characteristics. Additionally, PTRC has a management team and Board of Directors with more industry experience than any other small-cap oil company we have seen. PTRC announced on April 12, 2016 it had applied for listing on the NASDAQ Capital Market.  Read more about Petro River Oil Corp. (PTRC) in our Special Report.


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